Poor Poetry, Rich Deceit: Is 419 America’s Middle Name?

By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

In Nigeria, it is called O.B.T. (Obtaining By Tricks). But in America, it is known as Better Business.  In Nigeria, they are not registered; they operate under the shadow of darkness.

But in America, they are duly registered and given a clean bill of health by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In Nigeria, they are abhorred and isolated by decent society, but in America, they have on their pay roll America’s accomplished poets and professors who use their hard-earned reputation to polish their image. Also, a bevy of lawyers work for and with them. And their business is “legal.” But each time they stretch forth their hands and reach out for the jugular of unsuspecting victims, they leave in their wake excruciating pain, sorrow, loud cries, and bitter anguish. In the State of Maryland, United States, there is a body called the International Library of Poetry (ILP), or POETRY.COM or the International Society Of Poets (ISP). All they are after is your money, which they get by flattery and lies. And if you are enticed by their carefully worded letters, then you will tell the story of your penury with hot streaming tears! —- READ FULL ARTICLE HERE…       

SUPPORTING INTERVIEWS: (1) ISP Deceives Amateur Poets To Get Their Money — Says Charlie Hughes, a Kentucky-based poet has been monitoring the activities of Poetry.com 

                                                                                        ************************** The Phrasing Of ISP Letters Is  Miseading — Says Professor Len Roberts, the Educational Director of the International Society of Poets, an arm of Poetry.com 

                                                   BEWARE OF POETRY OF PRIZE AND DECEPTION!!!!



 Some US writers regret their

                                    association  with POETRY.COM  


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