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Pastor Adeboye On Indecent Dressing

April 10, 2007

[I was very glad when last weekend I stumbled on a report that Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) recently came down hard on the very nauseating culture of indecent dressing ravaging our landscape today, which is even sneaking into the church, damning the souls of men and women, and even being rationalized by some obviously backslidden and lustful pastors. Given that Pastor Adeboye heads one of the largest churches in the world, I am very confident that this ungodly trend would be significantly reversed if, by this timely crusade, he is able, at least, to successfully ensure that his own congregation alone is rid of it, and all his pastors join in denouncing and isolating it in their various local churches around the world. Indeed, such a feat would equally rub off on an appreciable number of the millions of his admirers and listeners around the world who are not members of his church.  It is with these in mind that I reproduce Pastor Adeboye’s remarks on this very important subject, which was forwarded to my box late on Saturday by an online magazine. Although I am not a member of the RCCG, I admire Pastor Adeboye’s very uplifting simplicity and exemplary lifestyle and I feel greatly honoured to provide him further platform to take his very edifying message of reclamation to an even wider audience.]:



“What is this? Modern fashion? Purity in the inside and not on the outside is fake! You are only de­ceiving yourselves, not God.

Also purity on the outside but not inward is fake. You can’t tell me that God sees your inside, that you are clean inside, holy or righteous, when the way you dress cannot differentiate you from a prostitute on the street. Your outward dressing is a true manifestation of the spirit inside of you. You will know a madman by his dressing, which includes his/her peculiar manner of hairstyle. It is something known worldwide. The hair grows carelessly, gets twisted and continues to overgrow. While the rest of us would quickly rush to the barber to look neat, the mad­man cares less.

What you see on the head of the modern-day boys, girls and ladies is the madman’s hairstyle. Truly, the spirit manifesting in them is that of madness. Since the spiritual controls the physical, this is the naked truth. There is the manifestation of the spirit of madness in modern dressing and hair fashion. When you dress half-naked, when you refuse to cover necessary and vital areas of the body because of fashion thereby exposing your body parts to the world, what you are saying as a lady is this: “Come to me. I am available. I am cheap.”

No wonder we have a high level of unmarried adult ladies everywhere. I now see the reason behind the high level of divorce rates among those who are married. The ladies are simply blind. If anyone approaches you in the tattered dress you put on (in the name of fashion), no matter how highly placed you are, he has one thing in mind: sex, to suck and drop you.

Ladies, what do you gain when you leave your breasts half covered? Even as a married woman, you still go to the level of putting on those tattered, dresses (you) call fashion. In your ignorance, you choose to compete with your daughters who should be scolded by you! Are you truly mad in the spirit? When you go out in this tight fitting breast­-exposing dresses, whom are you hoping to attract again? Your husband at home or someone else somewhere? Are you dressing like that to become somebody’s  concubines or sex partners? Ladies, is your multi-coloured hair style a sign of maturity? What statement are you making by such a dangerous signal?

You cannot tie your man (to yourself) by dressing (half) naked nor make a success of your marriage by stupid fashion. Most men are no fools. Men who also allow their wives to dress in lewd or licentious manner are stupid, silly husbands who care not for decency and godly behaviour. They even encourage their wives, daughters and sons to dress in conformity with satanic wishes and dictates of demons. I met a boy the other day and was touched by his funny manner of dressing. I saw him dressed like a cowboy and all that nonsense they call fashion, including an earring. When I asked him why he needed to appear so, he told me that his mother bought them for him. He told me that he didn’t really like that manner of dressing and that,   somehow, he felt bad appearing like that. I then explained to him the spiritual implications of what he was doing. In reply, he said: “I know all along that my parents don’t like me, they don’t care whatever happens to me.”

It’s amazing and disturbing when I discovered that some parents actually fear their children. Some leave them to unholy decisions and disgraceful ways of modern life. “She is an adult. There is little I can do to correct her,” some normally say. Many would even say: “It’s the modern way of life. Let her enjoy her life.” They have forgotten that it is such attitude that brought a curse on Eli, the high priest and his whole family. There are many families today who are living under one curse or the other inflicted [on them] by their grandparents and even those that are still alive by their careless attitude to life and living life the way they want. They lack self-discipline.

Anyone who transgresses must pay the price. Broken homes, truncated relationships and manipulated destinies can be avoided if we respect God and worship Him in holiness and truth for this is the way God wants.